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Resilience: the power of healing

There’s no doubt that people with resilience deal with adversity more positively than those who tend to fall apart easily when hit with the slings and arrows of life. This doesn’t mean that resilient people don’t feel a range of emotions such as grief or disappointment or despair as other people do, it means they approach the situation with a different mindset.

Empathy in Patient Care

When we receive care from another person, we are perhaps unaware of the intensity of our need for understanding and empathy on a range of levels that supersede the physical care. Within a medical environment, that need has become a pertinent focus of study and

Aesthetic Facial Anatomy: Essentials for Injections

Seeing the manifestation of 2 years of intensive work, love and collaboration is deeply meaningful ! The newly published ‘Aesthetic Facial Anatomy : Essentials for Injections’ aims to add both insight and safety to everyday aesthetic practice. With the ever-increasing popularity of injectable toxins and